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Brown Butter Carrot Cake with Sesame Cream Cheese Frosting

I can't remember the last time I had carrot cake.  I suppose I'm not really a fan until I came across a recipe that uses brown butter instead of oil.  I love the nutty flavour that brown butter lends to baked goods, especially cookies, so I knew I had to make this cake.

Carrot cakes tend to be dense due to the water content of the shredded carrots.  To combat that extra moisture, I used a combination of all-purpose and spelt flours.  Spelt flour has a high capacity for moisture absorption so this recipe yields a moist (but not overly moist) and fluffy cake.

I wanted a frosting that was different from the classic cream cheese, without going overboard with deviations.  Butter and Brioche adds Tahini to her cream cheese frosting, but I used sesame seed paste since that was what I had.  I figured, hey, both are essentially the same, so I was good to go.

After a few (few! hah!) slices, I can say I am a fan of this cake.  The cake is perfect - not at all dense, thanks to the addit…

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