Eating Hong Kong - Part 4

Day 4
Breakfast:  The Flying Pan

     We needed a break from all that Chinese food consumed in the last three days, so today for breakfast we decided to go continental.  I am a regular at The Flying Pan - I never miss it when I'm in Hong Kong.  If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then have I got good news for you: they're open all day, every day.  That means breakfast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.  Fried, scrambled, boiled or poached; with bacon or sausage plus 2 sides of your choice.  Omelettes, pancakes, waffles, French toasts, biscuits.  Limitless egg and breakfast possibilities.

     I was in the mood for bacon and eggs so I got the Eggs Florentine.  Two poached eggs on top of freshly made biscuits with bacon, spinach and hollandaise sauce.  The breakfast of champions. 

     They also serve burgers and other sandwiches.  Classic mouthwatering diner-style burgers that you can jazz up with cheese, bacon and/or well, what do you know - fried egg.
     Flying Pan is another concept restaurant worth a visit in Hong Kong.  When you've had a hell of a night in Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai or just in your hotel room, it gives you a great excuse to binge on hearty breakfast food any time of day.

The Flying Pan
3/F Empire Land Commercial Centre
83 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai
(other branches in Central and Quarry Bay)

Day 4
Lunch:  Dragon Restaurant

     We were supposed to have lunch at Maxim's Palace in Edinburgh Place but since we pretty much had dim sum enough to last us for half a year, we decided to have something else.  Wait a minute, we haven't had suckling pig.  How could we leave Hong Kong without eating it?  My friend rushed to her laptop and typed "best suckling pig in Hong Kong" in the search tab.  The number one result?  Anthony Bourdain.    As a consequence of having probably the coolest job in the world, he has devoured quite a number of roasted pork on his show so I suppose he knows a thing or two about it.  We then trekked to Central to his recommended place for suckling pig:  Dragon Restaurant.

     Located in Soho, one would expect the restaurant to have a quaint, shabby chic style.  But do you honestly think quaint and Bourdain go together?  Dragon Restaurant is in the downtown part of Soho, on a busy market street where everything but quiet happens.  Roast meats hanging on display, greasy windows, uncooked pigs and ducks air-dried in plain view of customers, wobbly stools, one sweaty cook, and an unfriendly-looking waitress make up this sort of hole-in-the-wall.  I don't think health inspectors even bother going to this place.  One uncooked pig was hanging from an electrical outlet next to the toilet.  No pretensions whatsoever, the restaurant wouldn't lose sleep should you decide to eat somewhere else.  Speaking only basic English, our waitress (who wasn't unfriendly, after all) took our orders:  suckling pig, roast duck and cha siu pork all on a bed of soft white rice.  The man behind the counter - whose apron has seen better days - started slicing the meat expertly with his dubiously washed hands.  
     Let me be cliché for a bit:  I must have died and gone to heaven when I took a bite of the pig.  Really, it was out of this world.  Thin, crispy skin and oh-so-tender juicy meat.  I don't know what Chinese juju they put in there but man, did they do it right.  I could still hear the lovely crunch it made in my mouth.  The roast duck was equally stellar.  Flavorful duck meat, it almost made me weep with happiness.  Without a doubt, Dragon Restaurant is a master of this highly specialized skill of roasting meat.  The sweet cha siu (barbequed pork) nicely complimented the saltiness of the other meats.  We couldn't get enough of the suckling pig so we ordered another round.  I  knew it then:  I would be going home happy.  

Suckling Pig and Roast Duck - if you think all suckling pigs and roast ducks taste the same, I double dare you to go to Dragon Restaurant to try this.

Cha Siu - sweet and very moist, try pairing it with roast duck to balance its salty goodness.

     More often than not, it is in the most unpretentious of places you can find great food.  It doesn't matter where the restaurant is located; people will go there to eat and eventually come back for more as long as the cooking is done better than everyone else.  At Dragon Restaurant, where the closest thing you can get to cleanliness is an apron-clad man behind the counter, what they lack in aesthetics they well make up for in their outstanding food. 

Dragon Restaurant
3 Gage Street


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