Brioche Dorée

     This is a very popular fast food chain in France, serving quick meals and snacks, like sandwiches and pastries.  I came across Brioche Dorée near Gare Du Montparnasse.  I haven't had my breakfast, and the food looked appetizing enough so in I went. 
     I've always liked Quiche Lorraine, so I took one.  The most attractive looking pastry at that time was the Strawberry Tart, so I grabbed one as well.  Thinking this was just one of those fast food chains that serve average food, I walked to my table.  When I took a bite of my quiche, I felt like someone slapped me in the face.  Freshly baked, flaky thin crust with delicious egg filling - it blew me away.  The eggs were cooked perfectly; super fluffy and moist with just the right amount of flavorful ham.

I was so engrossed eating this that I almost forgot about the tart.  Enormous, luscious glazed strawberries on top of a sweet, custard filling.  The pastry was solid - look ma, no crumbling!  It doesn't get any better than this.

     Only few fast food chains make above-average quality food, and Brioche Dorée is definitely one of them.

Brioche Dorée (all over France)
Main Montparnasse
11 Rue de l'Arrive
75015 Paris


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