De Brave Broeder

     Roughly translated as "The Good Monk", this is a typical Dutch pub.  Dark wooden walls with minimal lighting, wooden chairs and of course:  steep stairs.  Two walls are lined with a mural depicting the total opposite of what a good monk should be.  It's the last day of a week-long fair in town and even though there were loads of people, the pub was almost empty except for two men at the bar.  I wasn't that hungry, thanks to my idiotic decision earlier to ride on the "Extreme Wipeout".  It's this giant claw that rotates while swinging back and forth.  Once it starts, it doesn't slow down.  Looks fun when you're not on it but once you've sat on that tight seat and the bar comes down to lock you in, you've sealed your fate.  Too late to back out now, genius.  When it starts to hurtle you in all directions, it's not so fun anymore.  How can the others not feel nauseous after 3 epic minutes of that horrific ride?  Age is not "just a number", folks.
     Okay, nauseous rides aside, let me tell you what I ate at this pub - Mustard Soup and Pork Satay.  The soup was creamy, tangy, and sweet - loved it.  Like my pasta, I prefer my soup cream-based so I was happy with this dish.  As for the main dish, it was equally good.  A generous serving of meat and chips - too generous in fact, considering I wasn't that hungry due to the crazy ride.  Nevertheless, it was good quality meat and the satay sauce was smooth and creamy, with the right amount of peanut taste.  It was a shame I couldn't finish the dish then but on a good day I think I could, without a doubt, easily finish it.  For dessert, I decided to overload on chocolate.  No better way to do that than by ordering a trio of chocolate mousse, ice cream, and a brownie...with....wait for it: whipped cream in the middle and some strawberry slices.  A perfect way to end a meal, and to balance that moment of stupidity with the ride.

Before I end this article, I just have to show you what the Extreme Wipeout looks like:
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

De Brave Broeder
Grote Kerkhof 25/26
7411 KV Deventer


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