Home made treats by Mandarin Deli

Mandarin Oriental's deli has put up a kiosk at the Powerplant mall for the upcoming holiday season.  They sell chocolates, wines, fresh pasta, homemade jams, French macarons, cakes, and other delectable pastries.  I ended up buying a pack of flavored meringues, home made strawberry peppercorn jam, knacker bread, and fresh casarecce pasta.

I'm still thinking of a nice cream-based sauce that would go with the pasta, so I'll be deferring that feature in a later post. Until then, here are photos of the jam and meringues:
The peppercorns are a nice highlight to the sweetness of the jam.  They've been cooked long enough with the jam to be tender, so you can easily bite into a piece without all that heat and savor just a hint of spiciness.

 Look at these lovely, colorful meringues.  They do taste as good as they look!


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