Little Cakes

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After watching numerous episodes of Cake Boss.  After deluding myself enough that making fondant cakes is easy.  After two and a half days.  I am finally done with my fondant mini cakes.  Each cake is about 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, with three layers of butter cake filled with chocolate buttercream.
The one in front with the carnation flowers was made by a friend.

Sure, I'd take on a good challenge any time but I wasn't expecting much of it until I started to crumb coat each little nightmare of a tier.  Icing a layer of cake on a turntable was useless since it was too light; the cake kept on moving every time the spatula touched the cake so I painstakingly held each layer in my left hand while my right coated it.  As the layer got smaller - the smallest layer is about 2 inches in diameter - it got harder.  Much harder.  Each mini cake took about a day to finish.  Gaaaah!

Oh and the gumpaste carnations...well, my friend made them so that's another (horror) story to tell.  I suppose I should stop nagging - they turned out nice anyway. 

Which cake do you like best?


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