High Tea at Sevva

Located on the 25th floor of Prince's Building in the busy Central district is Sevva.  A tapas bar, lounge, restaurant all in one place, Sevva is the one-stop place to be.  Their high tea set is amazing.  My favorite was the mini crab cake burger with squid ink bun.

Everything in Hong Kong is pricey, and Sevva is one of the frontrunners.  The view from the deck, however, makes you forget the tab for a moment:

Here's the best part: we got the Marie Antoinette's Crave cake for my post-birthday celebration.  Light chiffon cake with whipped cream frosting, French macarons, and of course - pink cotton candy on top.  Gorgeous.  According to my sister-in-law, it looks like Marge Simpson's hair - in pink!

This place may serve above-average food, stunning cakes, and one of the best views of Hong Kong but here's the lowdown:  the service sucks.

Apparently, cold water to them is "not hot" (translation: warm) and it took my brother 20 minutes to get cold water WITH ICE because for the wait staff at Sevva, anything that's below boiling point is cold (not hot).  In Hong Kong, while (most) things are better, other things are worse.  Such as this.  Oh well.

I still love the cake, though.


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