My Father's Daughter

Like my dad, I love going to supermarkets even if I don't end up buying anything.  Problem is, I always end up buying something, anything - just like dad.  I always tend to buy useless stuff other than those on my shopping list.  Anyway, I remember my dad placing his supermarket finds on the dining table, compulsively arranging them neatly for us to see....and eat, eventually.

Now, if we had supermarkets like Oliver's or City'Super in Manila, I'd probably be bankrupt.
Look at those gorgeous vegetables.

Beautiful flowers en route to City'Super.

Compared to Oliver's, City'Super is busier.  Much busier.  On weekends, expect to rub elbows with everybody and don't forget to pack tons of patience - you'll need it when queuing up at the register.

This one is for all the health buffs out there - welcome to your processed foods nightmare.

I think I gained 15 pounds just passing through this aisle:

As I said earlier, I end up buying more than I ought to.   We originally set out to buy baking ingredients like butter, cream, sugar, eggs, etc.  Well in addition to those, these impulsively ended up in my cart:

Taco sauce??  I don't know, either.


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