A Trip to the Farm

Situated in San Jose, Batangas is this modest farm owned by the family of one of my dearest friends.  It's mainly an egg farm that's pretty much still under construction but there were more than a handful fruit-and-veg-bearing trees to see and benefit from their bounty during our visit.

Rambutan, avocados, papayas, bananas, guyabanos...

...couldn't get any fresher than these.

To the left of the main house, past the trees is a massive 10-meter high structure to hold about ten thousand hens.  Now that would be a lot of eggs.  A. lot.

The space to the right of the hen house would accommodate more trees.  Gorgeous.

I definitely didn't mind seeing a lot of green.

After the tour of the farm, we had to eat of course.  Now that is another story to be shared in another post. 


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