Bizarre Food

I think I have come across one of the most bizarre-tasting foods I have ever eaten:  olive jam.

I don't even know where to begin or how to describe it.  I'll start with the taste of green olives.  Okay.  Sour, bitter, briny, fermented-y.  I am already familiar with that.  But then there's sugar.  Not copious amounts, but not enough either.  It's jam, it's supposed to be sweet but it seems to be struggling with the fermented taste of green olives.  Somehow it doesn't go well in my mouth.

Sort of.

But it isn't that bad - not bad to the point of being inedible like, um, durian.  It's just so strange.  I can't get used to the taste.  I can't help myself from staring into space, figuring out the taste.  I am stumped.

And then there's the packaging.  The jar looks like mom's night cream.  It even sounds like mom's night cream.




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