Color of the day: Purple

For the Philippine leg of her journey throughout Asia, I took world traveler Val Bromann to downtown Manila.  We were supposed to do this within the first few days after she got here (before heading to the islands) but due to the incessant downpour of rain back in August, it wasn't until her last week in the country did we finally manage to go downtown.


We had lunch in New Toho Food Center and as expected, the food was great (and cheap), overall.  The house specialty, pancit canton, was one of the best I've had.  The noodles were freshly made; a mildly heavy, chewy texture that can't be ignored.  Equally good was the crispy pork.  It could definitely rival the crispy porks I had in Macau and Hong Kong.  The pork asado was dry and nothing special (skip it).  The Chop Suey was practically a platter of sauce with vegetables (order something else).  It was oozing with sauce obviously thickened with cornstarch.

New Toho Food Center
422 T. Pinpin St.
Binondo, Manila
Tel.:  241-4208 / 242-0294

After our meal we walked around aimlessly darting in and out of churches, snapping photos here and there.

They seem to like purple in Chinatown.  Couldn't get enough of it, even.  Purple walls.  Purple buns.

Purple fire trucks.

Read all about Val's world travel adventures (with awesome photos) on her site here.


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