Happy Birds 3.0 : A Whole Day Affair

Part II of the Lechon Chronicles.

Day two of our trip, we spent the whole day at the home of Congressman Vicente F. Belmonte, who opened his doors to celebrate Iligan's fiesta with his beloved constituents.  Generosity never stops here.

As do the eating, and abundance of lechon.

Homemade marshmallow fluff with mango and coconut.  Heavenly.

Then there was ice cream...

And I thought the seemingly endless supply lechon was the highlight of my trip.

Until I had crab and shrimps in Alavar sauce.

It was so good, there was hardly any conversation at the table.  It was a symphony of noise from cracking crab shells and sucking "wonderfat" from shrimp heads.  We were silently relishing every bite.  Apparently, the sauce is made and available only in Zamboanga.

Crab fat emulsified in coconut milk with wonderful spices.  Simple dish, but very complex flavors.  I don't think I'd want to have my seafood cooked any other way after this. 



Those Sugo peanuts are so addictive.


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