Winter Is Coming

It has come, actually.  I just wanted to use the House of Stark motto as title for this post.

It's always nice to be back in Holland for the holidays.  Even though the weather leaves my hands and feet perpetually cold, the delicious food makes it all worthwhile.  Here's what I've eaten for the past week:

Assortment of cheeses, salad spreads, and cold cuts on bread for lunch.

Kipsaté salade (chicken saté salad) on toast, my favorite.

Hagelslag - chocolate sprinkles.  No Dutch household is without these.  Spread butter on bread and sprinkle like there's no tomorrow.

Dutch junk food (yay!): patat, mexicaans, picanto, croquette. 

Bereklauw (bear claw), with saté sauce.  Really good.

Hot chocolate, which I think is the perfect winter beverage.  With a generous mound of whipped cream, of course.

Glühwein.  Red wine with spices; served hot.  Lovely, lovely drink that reminds me of the red wine syrup when making poached pears.

Pistolet - ham and Roquefort cheese sandwich with pesto.

Hutspot met riblap:  meat simmered for hours then served on a bed of mashed potatoes, carrots and onions.  The ultimate Dutch winter comfort food.

Flash-fried steak tartare with onions and mushrooms; roasted baby potatoes; salad.

Time for game!  Slow-roast hare with potatoes and haricot vert. 

Rijste pap.  Milk rice porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon with a pat of butter.  I just love it; I've been having it almost everyday for breakfast.


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