Dickens Festival Deventer

Every year for two days in December, the beautiful city of Deventer, Holland pays homage to one of the greatest writers of the 19th century, Charles Dickens.  In this event, all the characters in his novels come to life, parading the narrow streets of this old, old city.  It truly is a wonderful spectacle; and one of my most unforgettable travel experiences.

I saw Scrooge.  Tiny Tim.  The Fool.  The ghosts in A Christmas Carol.  The artful dodger.  Aristocrats.....chimney sweeps....beggars....and many more along the streets.  Well, not only in the streets but also in shops and houses in the area where the event took place.

I made a slideshow of the photos I took at the festival.  Enjoy!

And of course, here are the food photos:

Brood met worst en uitjes - bread with sausage and onions.  My best Dickens Fest food experience.  How I loved the sound of crisp sausage skin snapping between my teeth with every bite, followed by the taste of wonderfully seasoned, tender. and succulent meat.

Assorted pastries and bread.


Bread houses.

Hot punch (Gluhweijn)!  Holiday spices simmered in red wine.  Great way to fight the cold weather while walking the streets.

Poffertjes - mini pancakes (heavily) dusted with powdered sugar.  Warning (and note to self): it's probably best not to inhale through the mouth when eating this.

Of course there's beer.  It's Holland.

More sausages...

Waffles with hot cherries and whipped cream.  Delicious.

Dickens Festijn

for information about this year's upcoming festival (Dec. 2013):

VVV Deventer
Brink 56 (De Waag)
7411 BV  Deventer
tel. +31 (0)570 710 120
website:  www.vvvdeventer.nl 


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