The World Is Round, But Not In Holland

Driving in Holland on a good day makes you doubt if the world is indeed round.  If you look farther you could probably see China from where you are.  No, really, the seemingly endless unobstructed horizon is just as amazing as seeing beautiful mountains anywhere else in the world.  Except for the occasional mounds or dunes, it is a uniquely flat country.

From Deventer we drove to Groningen to catch a ferry to one of the small islands up north:  Schiermonnikoog.  Let's try that again.  Schiermonnikoog.  With less than a thousand people residing there, it's the least densely populated part of Holland.

The ferry ride from Groningen is about 40 minutes but I was busy queuing up to buy snacks on board so it felt more like 15 minutes.  And there's wi-fi, too.

It's the fourth island north of Friesland. (map courtesy of

From the pier, there are buses to take you to the center (about 7 minutes).

And from the center, you pretty much have to walk to see the rest of the island.

....more walking....

....while others prefer biking.... get to the beach.

Schiermonnikoog is a popular destination during summer so expect the island to be packed with sun worshippers, sharing the beach with seals.  But in winter when it's too cold to swim I guess there's this instead?

Time for a break and hot chocolate... end a beautiful winter's day.


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