The Himalayas

Is there a way to see the Himalayas in Nepal without going on arduous treks?  In other words, is there such a thing as Himalayas for sissies?

Of course there is.  Take the mountain flight.  The plane flies around the Himalayas, giving you the chance to take it all in.

But don't get too carried away taking photos.

Waiting for boarding.

We left the hotel at 6 in the morning to get to the airport.  The flight left at 6:30, on board what could probably be the smallest plane in the world (14-seater).

Seriously?  That's our plane?  No, really.  That's it?

Well hello there, Captain.  Can I get a high five?

At the initial stage of the flight I was like, okay, the sky is overcast.  We probably won't get to see a clear view of anything.  But then as the plane flew a bit higher, the clouds somehow disappeared and the majestic mountains came to view.

And then there was Everest.  Stunning.  Just stunning.

Okay, again.  This time with labels:


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